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Chris Johanson - Within the River of Time is My Mind - The Artist's Studio - MOCAtv

The works of artist Chris Johanson are often home-made and human-scaled, drawn, painted, and crafted with an economy that is neither naïve nor necessarily simple, just simply sincere. In this dream-like, psychedelic short film, Johanson is transported from his Echo Park home to a high desert where time ebbs and flows, backwards and forwards with a gentle wash, and where the sun rises and sets simultaneously forever. - Moca


Eddie Martinez's Risky Business | ART21 "New York Close Up"

Why would an artist change his signature style after proven success? Walking the graffiti-filled streets of his Greenpoint neighborhood and working in his nearby Williamsburg studio, Brooklyn-based artist Eddie Martinez discusses the motivation to shift his paintings from Pop-like figurations to pared down abstractions. - ART 21


Christoph Ruckhäberle: Frühstück im Freien at ZIEHERSMITH - James Kalm Roughout

As an artist categorized as part of the "New Leipzig School" Christoph Ruckhäberle has already achieved international notoriety. With this exhibition "Frühstück im Freien", he continues to develop the strange figurative scenes that have garnered him previous attention. With this body of work the artist seems to have richened his color palette and simplified the narrative content. An installation employing brilliant patterned wallpaper submerges the viewer in a stifling environment of over keyed color. - James Kalm


Magdalena Suarez Frimkess & Michael Frimkess - Hammer Museum

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess and Michael Frimkess began working together shortly after they met in 1963. Initially a collaboration of convenience which they saw as a way to fund their respective practices, their collaboration evolved into the more ambitious and realized work they produce today. Working in different corners of the studio, Michael obsessively pursues the art of throwing traditional pottery while Magdalena paints the surfaces of the pots with her elaborate glazed compositions. Their fifty-year collaboration constitutes a compelling body of work that snags itself on many genres—pottery, outsider art, mythology, pop—all of which fail to quantify its beautiful urgency and unique renewal of the ceramic tradition. - Hammer Museum


The Story of Jonathan Meese - Louisiana Channel

The German artist Jonathan Meese tells the incredible story of his childhood and of how he became an artist; how he invented his own language as a teenager, how he discovered his artistic talent on his 22nd birthday, and how he would have had just as much passion if he had worked in a bank. - Louisiana Channel