A Glimpse of How Genuine Dirt Denim is Made - Trophy Clothing

Genuine Dirt Denim From Trophy Clothing is made in Antique Toyoda Shuttle Looms and it is a very extreme laborious process. There are no individuals in the United States that have the skill and technique to properly operate these machines, and in Japan there is an extremely small number of young people that can do it. The best denim in the world is produced with these machines and the masters of these machines are aging.

Trophy Clothing:  The skilled craftsman adjusts the old type of loom (Rikishoki) one by one to confirm the weaving of the fabric. It is important to distinguish the sound when weaving the fabric, it seems that all defects and abnormalities are judged by ear.   Naturally, it is a skill that only craftsmen who have spent a long time and effort to cultivate the sense can do it.