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C.T.L Comfort 8oz Linen Denim Shirt - Washed Indigo
C.T.L Comfort 8oz Linen Denim Shirt - Washed Indigo
C.T.L Comfort 8oz Linen Denim Shirt - Washed Indigo


C.T.L Comfort 8oz Linen Denim Shirt - Washed Indigo

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[Size and detail]
SIZE3 (MAN L & Overseas size M)
SIZE4 (MAN LL & Overseas size L)

A cotton linen denim shirt with a loose silhouette that promises maximum comfort.
Copper pearl buttons and cotton linen 8oz denim fabric are the best materials made by "COTTLE" from scratch.

・Original Linen × Cotton 8oz Denim
・Original Copper pearl dot button
・Sewing thread-UJ CORE YARN-(cotton thread x spun thread for aging)

8oz-Denim material.
Woven with cotton using fine count hemp.
It has a feeling of elasticity unique to hemp.
The resilience is a characteristic of hemp.
The point is that it fits your body when you wear it because of hemp.

The button is a copper pearl button.
COTTLE usually uses jeans with copper rivets.
This time I made a copper pearl button for a denim shirt.
This color has been used for a long time in tea canisters.
You can enjoy the change in color over time.

[WASHED INDIGO-Wash with cold water. After that, it is dried in the sun. ]
Rinse with cold water instead of hot water, and use it to prepare the surface of the dough during molding so that all the glue does not melt.
After that, it is not a tumbler machine but sun-dried,
Dry so that the glue remains.
This wash is suitable for this linen cotton fabric,
Rinsing with water + sun drying is different from regular hot water cleaning.

[Troubleshooting specifications]
Shark collar type denim shirt.
With the detail that is seen in old European clothes,
It will be like a shirt or a jacket,
It is a wide width with a loose cloth overall.
From the sides to the cuffs, the chain stitch peculiar to jeans, which is an American idea, is applied, and the puckering is used as the keynote, but the other pockets and collar are also subjected to the delicate stitch work unique to Europe.

Do not use florescent detergents or bleaches.
Gentle natural soap is recommend if laundered.
We recommend hand washing inside out, and drying in a shady spot.

We also accept repairs and repairs of torn parts.
Please feel free to contact us.

LINEN-16%  COTTON-84% 

Made at Cottle in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

SIZE 0 : Length 69 ,Shoulder 46 ,Sleeve 54 ,Chest 106 (cm)
SIZE 1 : Length 71 ,Shoulder 48 ,Sleeve 56 ,Chest 114 (cm)
SIZE 2 : Length 73.5 ,Shoulder 50 ,Sleeve 58 ,Chest 122 (cm)
SIZE 3 : Length 77 ,Shoulder 51.5 ,Sleeve 60 ,Chest 126 (cm)
SIZE 4 : Length 80.5 ,Shoulder 53 ,Sleeve 62 ,Chest 130 (cm)