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de bonne facture

De Bonne Facture is an understated men’s wardrobe made by handpicked ateliers in France. Each piece is designed individually to last through time, building a library of clothes that will live and age with their owner, telling a story. Edition after edition, we revisit menswear essentials, with special attention to fabric, cut and quality of make. We source natural fabrics with authentic textures, carefully working with specialist mills.
In a context where we see more and more consciousness related to the issues of sustainability in the clothing industry, our approach has been integrated since our beginnings. It relies on five pillars: garment durability, atelier traceability, fabric provenance, the ecological impact of our supply chain, and the preservation of industrial know-hows. Our mindset is not to claim any product can be perfectly sustainable, as this is an utopia. That said, we do work at multiple levels to improve the sustainability of our editions, including sometimes working on pieces with a radical approach, where all steps of fabrication are controlled, from the raising of the sheep, to the dyeing and finishing of the yarn, to the weaving and manufacturing. We hope to be part of a collective movement that takes our industry towards more responsible social and environmental practices.

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