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Olde Homesteader - The inspiration comes from over fifty years ago, the early days of American-made Deadstock boxer shorts. Those simple, clean stitch lines, like the workmanship of a well-made white shirt. The relaxed silhouette and easy fit of a fabric that feels just right against the skin. It’s what you wear every day. We want you to know you’ve chosen something really good. And our products are made exclusively with “Banshu-ori” fabrics from Nishiwaki City, Hyogo, Japan, where yarns are dyed and woven the old-fashioned way, in a natural environment ideal for fabric-making. Woven into our product is the pride of a two hundred year tradition of textile craftsmanship. It’s the fabric of your everyday life. We believe you should love it. Knowing that our product touched you in this way is what matters most to us.