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COLOBUS Monkey Boot in Shrink Black
COLOBUS Monkey Boot in Shrink Black

Rolling Dub Trio

COLOBUS Monkey Boot in Shrink Black

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Rolling Dub Trio - We made flexible and comfortable boots using the Direct Good year manufacturing method, which was machine-sewn directly to the leather insole without using the ribs required for the Good year manufacturing method.

A style that utilizes the "thinness" created by eliminating ribs and corks.
Lightness and good warping are the best in the lineup.
Without a toecap, it has a narrow silhouette.

One-piece monkey boots COLOBUS that maximizes the texture of leather.
This is a new proposal from ROLLING DUB TRIO.

Two types of shoe laces are included.

- Please consider that leather laces require more care than regular cotton laces, specially when they are brand new. We recommend using a Berluti Knot when knotting leather laces, to guarantee that the lace is firmly tightened and will not break. Laces are checked for quality control numerous times before the customer receives them. Broken leather laces are a result of mishandling by the customer, and it is not a quality control issue.


Style: MD01
Upper Material: 800 SHRINK
Linning Material: KIP LINNING
Heel: CAT'S PAW(made by Canada)
Heel High: 20mm
Process: DIRECT GOOD YEAR welt process
After Process: WAX

Master-made in Japan