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Indigo-Dyed Horsehide Shoulder Bag (BG-02)
Indigo-Dyed Horsehide Shoulder Bag (BG-02)
Indigo-Dyed Horsehide Shoulder Bag (BG-02)
Indigo-Dyed Horsehide Shoulder Bag (BG-02)

Y'2 Leather

Indigo-Dyed Horsehide Shoulder Bag (BG-02)

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Model: BG-02

Shoulder Bag design with double zippers, one side zip pocket and one inside zip pocket, with leather strap featuring two D-rings and leather snap buckle. Simple design and easy to use.

• Made from 100% Front Quarter Horsehide

• Indigo Horse  leather developed by Y'2 Leather with Master Tanner in Himeji

• Tanned in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture

• Cotton Houndstooth lining 

• Enjoy the beautiful aging and patina

• Mastermade in Japan


SIZE: Width 28 cm (11 in), height 15 cm (5.9 in), gusset 12 cm (4.72 in)


Indigo Horse - Made from European horsehide that the vegetable tanned and then indigo dyed in the way Y'2 Leather discovered was the best for color, luster and adhesion to the horsehide. Normally NDIGO dye does not adhere to leather.  Through the trial and error of Tanner over many years, we succeeded in successfully attaching INDIGO.  The Y'2 LEATHER product was released once in 2012, but it has been revived with the cooperation of many requests and tanner.  It is rare in INDIGO, but it is reproduced in HORSE HIDE.  There is some discoloration, but I would like you to experience INDIGO.  Thickness around 1.3mm.  


Y'2 LEATHEREstablished in Osaka, 1998, Y'2 Leather specializes in raw leather products. The brand carefully puts high attention in every single field of selection, including material, cutting, sewing, and finishing. About 40 years involved in leather industry, Y'2 Leather takes a lot of commitment and dedication to source from and to work one-on-one in cooperation with the best tanneries for superior quality and results.Y'2 Leather's greatest strengths are their creativity for high-end design and most importantly their skilled master craftsmen.