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Our Space

A space fully conceptualized by us, curated and sourced from our favorite artists and designers. Furnished with tables designed by Luciano Bertoncini, Giulio Lazzotti, and Vincent Chia. Chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen in collaboration with Tal R. Light sculptures by Isamu Noguchi for Akari. Modular systems, which include shelves, cabinets and garment racks by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ.


What We Stand For

Slow and timeless gender neutral fashion made in the highest quality achievable, using raw materials, by small family owned specialist ateliers and factories.

Sustainable clothing and honest small brands from Japan, France, Italy, the U. S. and Canada. Workwear and comfortable everyday garments that patina and get better with age.


Who We Work With

Tempo carries a grandiose selection of Japanese selvedge denim made in antique shuttle looms in Okayama. These brands include Three Kingdoms Overalls, Pallet Life Story, Pherrow's, Jelado, Fullcount, Japan Blue Jeans, Ironari, Trophy Clothing, Tanuki, Burgus Plus, TCB, and many more. Other unique Japanese brands using antique machines along with raw organic materials with a masterful hand is Loop & Weft from Yamanashi, Japan, specializing in the best knitwear for men and women. Another brand, Kaneko Megane, from Nara, Japan producing handmade best quality eyewear which is only available in-store and not available online. And Shoes Like Pottery / MoonStar producing high quality vulcanized footwear for women and men in Kurume, Japan, making a truly timeless sneaker. 

Tempo is proud of being the only supplier for Y’2 Leather in North America. Y’2 Leather is a master made leather brand from Osaka, Japan that has over 40 years of leather working experience. Y’2 sources from the best tanneries, uses the best machines, cutting sewing and dyeing techniques achievable. 

Tempo carries two Tokyo brands that are very popular for women, Ironari and Fog Linen Work. Ironari is also an all gender brand, making items for both women and men, or unisex. Fog Linen Work is a women’s wear brand  specialized in high quality linen garments and also produces homeware items. 

Not only showcasing Japanese high-end and high quality items, Tempo also sources new and old brands from Europe and Canada. These brands include newer brands like École de Pensée from Montreal, and De Bonne Facture from Paris, both brands providing a clean minimal unisex look. Older brands include Viberg from Victoria, BC, a brand that has been around for three generations providing the best quality leather footwear. And Astorflex, an environmentally friendly Italian made footwear company that has also been around since the 1800’s. 

Tempo handpicks exclusive ceramics from Malo Atelier in Paris, Chieco in Los Angeles and George Seppala. Homeware brands include Trendglas, Glass produced in Germany, as well as Slowdown Studio, throws made from USA cotton, and made in the USA. 

Tempo works with small publishing houses producing the best printed matter from works of artists and designers. This presses include Harpune Verlag in Austria, Lubok Verlag in Germany, along with Brask Publications in Denmark and Nieves Books in Switzerland. 

Tempo also curates art exhibition at the store location, in the bay area in collaboration with other galleries and around the world. Showing the works of Austin Eddy, Michael Swaney, Angela Heisch, Søren Behncke, Damien Hoar de Galvan, Jessica Hans, Karin Hagen, Alexandre Bavard and many others.