Bullet Hat USAM 01-HI
Bullet Hat USAM 01-HI
Bullet Hat USAM 01-HI
Bullet Hat USAM 01-HI

Conners Sewing Factory x Three Kingdoms Overalls

Bullet Hat USAM 01-HI

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1. THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS Natural low-lighting (NATURAL INDIGO) 11.5 oz Selvedge Fabric Woven at Super low tension using old-fashioned Toyoda power loom (G type) in Okayama
2. Long staple uneven yarn use 
3. 100% NATURAL INDIGO -  Rope dye dark color with white core
4.1930s to 1940s USARMY Hat motif 
5. Sewing thread white (white) Stitch 
6. Joint part white herringbone tape piping 
7. Collar cloth 

8. THREE KINGDOMS OVERALLS Yuzu textile brand name (black small) 
9.CONNERS SEWING FACTORY (CSF) free-hand sewing 

Features: Collar is shorter modified from those of the vintage, and rash often view the setting of the better length. Driving, working, playing, indoors, outdoors, without worrying about the length of the collar in each day of everyday life has become a burden-free even if you leave the cover. The cover depth is a pattern design that can be worn cheaply at an exquisite depth where it does not depend on the ear. By using a fabric for the collar, you can wash hygienically without worrying that the collar will break during washing. There is no problem at all even putting it in a bag. Good looking men and women alike, cute and addicted hat will be excellent usability. 

COTTON 100%