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Coming Soon: Brown's Beach Early Vest in Navy Blue


Coming Soon: Brown's Beach Early Vest in Navy Blue

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ETA: January

Size Chart (IN):

size chest shoulder length
38 20.27 15.15 22.32
40 20.4 15.74 22.44
42 21.25 16.14 22.63
44 22.04 16.33 23.03


Model: BBJ-001

Color: Salt and Pepper Oxford Grey Color

Material: 73% Wool, 27% Cotton

Made in Japan

BROWN'S BEACH has been thoroughly researched by FULL COUNT since 2007, and in February 2010, it was licensed and started production. Information on "BBJ-001 BROWN'S BEACH EARLY VEST". Early vest released every season as a standard item. From last season, we have updated the one with more atmosphere by reviewing the arrangement of pockets and the angle of acute angles. This material, which was developed for outdoor men more than 100 years ago, has a two-layer structure of cotton knitting (Russell knitting) on ​​the front side and wool fleece on the back side, so to speak, it has the same structure as a sweatshirt. The fleece on the back side accounts for more than 70% of the ratio, and by applying a fairly strong brushing, durability that can not be thought of as a knit product is created. The surface is made by twisting threads with different counts in two colors to create an atmosphere peculiar to BROWN'S BEACH with unevenness, commonly known as "salt and pepper". The model is the best with a tight neck, which is often seen in those produced in the 20s to 30s. While keeping the DOT nipple button (MADE IN USA), original tape, and back cinch, the front left and right pockets are slightly centered to reproduce the atmosphere of the time. This is a popular item that is almost sold out after its release every year, so don't miss this opportunity.:

Size Chart (CM):

size chest shoulder length
38 51.5 38.5 56.5
40 52 40 57
42 54 41 57.5
44 56 41.5 58.5