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Hojicha (Asatsuyu)
Hojicha (Asatsuyu)
Hojicha (Asatsuyu)

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Hojicha (Asatsuyu)

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Hojicha (Asatsuyu)


- The finest organic Japanese tea

- Single Origin, First Flush, Small Batch

Product of Japan

Asatsuyu is a variety that has natural sweetness flavor, as passion fruit and flowers.

Hoji-cha is used a stem of Asatsuyu which is part of the most sweetest Floral flavor. 

Quantity: 50g

Flavor Note: Smokey, Chestnut

Harvested: April 23rd, 2018 (First flush)

Origin: Tsuno, Miyazaki, Japan

Producer: Heiji Kawano

Roaster: Naomi Shirao

Altitude: 200m

Age of tree: 37 years old