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Seamens Trousers USN in 10oz Nep Denim
Seamens Trousers USN in 10oz Nep Denim

TCB Jeans

Seamens Trousers USN in 10oz Nep Denim

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SEAMENS TROUSERS is based on the 40's vintage owned by TCB, USN DECK PANTS. I trace the silhouette from the vintage and pick up the sewing thread count and color one by one. It features a belt loop sewing method, a front pocket sewn with double lines, and a urea button with a yarn path. You can expect the look of the time when the appearance of puckering and the color of the sewing thread will fall and the color will be closer to gray as you wear it. We put stencils by hand one by one in places often used for old clothes. The fabric used is not the mainstream computer-controlled unevenness yarn at present, but uses about 10 oz denim with natural unevenness. The product does not use the ears, but is a fabric of Slavitch using a power loom. We use pre-dyed gray thread for sewing thread assuming hard wearing.

Material: about 10 oz COTTON 100% Attached: Urea button with yarn path, hand stencil Sewing: Total cotton thread Production: MADE IN JAPAN