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Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)
Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)
Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)
Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)
Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)
Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)
Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)


Indigo Dyed Horsehide Short Gloves (YG-01)

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Y'2 LEATHER original gloves using the popular material "Indigo Horse".
As it is made of horse leather, it is resistant to rain and feels good against the skin.
In addition, it is hard to stretch and is matte at first, but the more you use it, the more unique luster is created. The simple design enhances the texture. We ask skilled craftsmen in Kagawa prefecture to sew. It comes with a special original box, making it ideal as a gift.

Model: YG-01

Material: Indigo Dyed Horsehide

Leather Tanning: Himeji Tannery

Mastermade in Japan

Size: Overall Length
S 22cm 
M 22.5cm 
L 23.5cm

(Indigo Horse) Made from European horsehide that the vegetable tanned and then indigo dyed in the way Y'2 Leather discovered was the best for color, luster and adhesion to the horsehide.Normally, INDIGO dye does not adhere to leather. It was successfully applied to INDIGO by a long-term trial and error of Tanner. Y'2LEATHER products were released once in FY2012, but have been revived in response to many requests and the cooperation of tanners. It is rare in INDIGO, but it is reproduced in HORSE. There is some discoloration, but I would like you to experience INDIGO by all means. About 1.3mm thick.

It is made from European Horse Hide which is indigo dyed and processed in Japan’s Premier destination for high quality leather in Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture, Kansai Region. This Indigo dyed garment begins to fade and change color as soon as it is produced. Its creation is only finalized after the owner has made their own marks on the garments including creases, scratches and fading. 

Y'2 Leather: Established in Osaka, 1998, Y'2 Leather specializes in raw leather products. The brand carefully puts high attention in every single field of selection, including material, cutting, sewing, and finishing. About 40 years involved in leather industry, Y'2 Leather takes a lot of commitment and dedication to source from and to work one-on-one in cooperation with the best tanneries for superior quality and results.Y'2 Leather's greatest strengths are their creativity for high-end design and most importantly their skilled master craftsmen.

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