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Silk Noel Organic Waffkle Cardigan - Coffee Dyed
Silk Noel Organic Waffkle Cardigan - Coffee Dyed
Silk Noel Organic Waffkle Cardigan - Coffee Dyed


Silk Noel Organic Waffkle Cardigan - Coffee Dyed

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Set-in sleeve design and slightly drop shoulder.
The neck is clogged.
The back hem is slightly longer than the previous length, and the ribs on the neck are made narrow when worn in pants, and the hem has a finer anti-fraying handle than usual. It uses the type of buttons that babies use for nightwear, so even if you touch the bare skin, you will not feel cool.


Waffle cut and sewn with silk nep and organic cotton material.
Nep's silk noil (silk spun silk thread) is not a glossy material like raw silk, but the air content of short fibers is large, the product is lightly finished, and the silk retains its original heat retention and moisture absorption. It is a thread.
The ribs are made from organic cotton grown in compliance with standards such as pesticides and fertilizers for more than 3 years, and are called "Penny & OG Commer". Made from high-quality yarn that gently wraps the baby's body with a 20% blend of shiny silk. The more you wash, the more fluffy and more fluffy the material becomes.


Coffee Dyeing: 

It has a nice roasted coffee aroma.
Barista wearing this is the best.
Why don't you wear your favorite coffee beans and face each other at home on your holidays?
Since it is dyed by hand, color unevenness and color accumulation may occur in each point.
Please consider only those who understand that it is one of the textures.
There are thread knots (neps) peculiar to silk noil, black sesame-like thread pools, color pools, etc. Please consider only those who can understand that it is also one of the textures.


Fluorescent bleaching is not acceptable for washing.
WOOL and silk are also OK, put a thin detergent,
You can wash it in the washing machine.
At that time, you can enjoy the color longer by turning it over and washing.
Please refrain from those who are not familiar with the fluff knots peculiar to silk noil.


Cottle also accepts repairs and repairs of torn parts.
Please feel free to contact them.


SIZE 0: Length 70.5, Sleeve length 54, Bust 91 (cm)
SIZE 1: Length 73.5, Sleeve 56, Bust 94 (cm)
SIZE 2: Length 78, Sleeve length 57, Bust 102 (cm)
SIZE 3: Length 79.5, Sleeve 59, Bust 106 (cm)
SIZE 4: Length 81, Sleeve 62.5, Bust 115 (cm)
(Since the size is measured by hand in a flat position, there is an error.)

Made at Cottle in Kurashiki, Japan