Stefan Rinck

Stefan Rinck

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Stefan Rinck - Stefan Rinck

Catalogue with 27 coloured and 64 duplex figures in offset print, designed by Andrej Loll

With a text by Bazon Brock (german/ english)

Clothbound Hardcover, 120 pages, 23x32,5 cm, edition of 500

Printed in Austria, Published by Harpune Verlag

The sandstone sculptures by sculptor Stefan Rinck are reminiscent of figures from a mediaeval bestiary or of the gargoyles on cathedral roofs and towers that served to chase away evil spirits and demons. Rinck, who also studied German literature, art history and philosophy, finds his sources of inspiration in various epochs of art, in mythology and in the worlds of make-believe, humorously and imaginatively combining them with contemporary, comic-like imagery.