Zen Whispering Sea Cotton Shirt - Black
Zen Whispering Sea Cotton Shirt - Black
Zen Whispering Sea Cotton Shirt - Black
Zen Whispering Sea Cotton Shirt - Black


Zen Whispering Sea Cotton Shirt - Black

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Square line towards hem
A feeling of spaciousness without stress due to ample body width
The clothes that were provided as Swiss military bedding,
We are making a new look with COTTLE materials and size balance.


Chain stitches are used on the shoulders and side parts, which are used in vintage jeans, to create a wide range of expression and range of color accumulation called dyeing called puckering.
There is a gold button (Japanese-Kintsugi Button) on the placket.


Double gauze is woven with sashiko stitches to contain air. Named [WHISPERING SEA COTTON] because of its whispering feel
It is an original material. When natural dyeing is applied, a colorful and beautiful look is created.

Black Dye:

We use reactive dyes that have passed environmental standards and wash them by soaping and high temperature drying.


Fluorescent bleaching is not acceptable for washing. WOOL and silk are also OK, put a thin detergent. You can wash it in the washing machine. At that time, you can enjoy the color longer by turning it over and washing.


Cottle can re-dye this item. They also accept repairs and repairs of torn parts.
Please feel free to contact them.



SIZE 0: Length 79.5, Shoulder width 46.7, Sleeve length 52.8, Bust 106 (cm)
SIZE 1: Length 81.5, Shoulder width 48.7, Sleeve length 54.8, Bust 114 (cm)
SIZE 2: Length 83.5, Shoulder width 50.7, Sleeve length 56.8, Bust 122 (cm)
SIZE 3: Length 87, Shoulder width 52.2, Sleeve length 58.8, Bust 126 (cm)
SIZE 4: Length 90, Shoulder width 53.7, Sleeve length 60.8, Bust 130 (cm)
(Since the size is measured by hand in a flat position, there is an error.)

Made at Cottle, in Kurashiki, Japan