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Introducing COTTLE - Uniform for Living Made in Japan

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Cottle: Established in 2015 - 

We have an office in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, the home of Japanese denim. This area has long thrived through the textile industry, and there are many different yarn sellers, dyers and factories clustered here.

We have renovated a textile factory that was built over 120 years ago and created a space with gallery shop to provide information about our products and the source of our inspiration, a workshop where ideas are immediately shaped into products and an office all on one floor. In order to quickly shape our own ideas, there are many different types of sewing machines collected for making clothing.


Uniform for Living Made in Japan - 

Our production begins with the encounter with wonderful material and fabric. Finding high-quality fabric with surprising and breathtaking texture and beauty make us want to create clothing that can be worn every day. We want to create clothing that is loved and worn for many years, whose beauty is polished as you wear, and that becomes the only one for you.

Taking in a Japan-specific sense of season, aesthetics and culture to create special basic items that makes owners wonder why they end up selecting it to wear every day.


Click here to view the COTTLE collection at TEMPO. 



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