Trophy Clothing: The condition of the garment is not complete at the time of purchase, the texture improves as you wear it, and it becomes familiar with your figure.


From Yamanashi, Japan, founded in 2011 by Ryota Seguchi. These goods utilize organic cotton and / or recycled cotton during manufacturing.


A label for sneakers made with the vulcanized manufacturing method of “Moon Star” in Kurume, Fukuoka, which has 140 years of history, using “Koshima Canvas” produced in Okayama, Kojima for the upper.

Paradise Rubber athletics shoes

Tailored, Work, Military, Sports and Categorized Completed in the 20th Century. Mainly delve into the details of British and American men's clothing and design from the perspective of the 21st century. Stylish-low-tech clothes.


Genderless and Timeless Garments, Made by Specialist Ateliers in France


Rolling Dub Trio The Boots on Sincerity, is a boot and leather goods company from Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo


From Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, a place which has centuries of high-end artisan boot making tradition. Founded by Toku & Naoki, Rolling Dub Trio is well known for their beautiful unisex one of a kind designs, paired with the best horse leather and hardware. Each individual boot and item is made by hand at the Rolling Dub Trio Factory - The Boots Factory in Tokyo. There is truly nothing like a pair of Rolling Dub Trio Boots.
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Available for the First Time in the USA via Tempo, Pherrow's Japanese High Quality Garments


Making the highest quality re-interpretations of vintage military garments, historical denim clothing and loopwheel sportswear, Pherrow's began its first ametora and amekaji collection in the early 90's in Tokyo. They are very well known for their L-2A flying jacket along with, N-1 and A-2 jackets done in great detail with masterful technique and best quality.
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