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Based in Hashima City, in Gifu Japan, Cushman re-creates vintage American clothing including loopwheel sportswear, selvedge denim, military-wear, accessories and memorabilia.

cushman sportswear

Kaneko Optical Co. was founded in 1958. Made by experienced dedicated craftsman in Japan, Kaneko Optical engages in planning, designing, and selling limited-run, highest quality eyewear. To guarantee a meaningful customer to product relationship, Kaneko Optical is only available in-store.

Kaneko Optical Co.

Full Count is a denim brand based in Osaka, which started in 1993, part of the Osaka 5. First to popularize Zimbabwe cotton for a high end, high quality and high comfort selvedge denim garment that is masterfully made in Japan.

Full count & co.

The non – uniform texture of our unique fabric is derived from the combination of natural and recycled fibers. In our efforts towards eco–conscious production, we use natural dyes with low environmental impact, resulting in coveted, one–of–a–kind pieces with our trademark organic unevenness in color. Over time, with regular wash and wear, the garments will gradually fade and develop a beautiful patina. Follow the handling and care instructions, and your Loop & Weft garments will endure for years to come.

loop & weft

Founded by Masaki Egawa in 2005, Trophy Clothing re-interprets vintage Americana and motorcycle wear. All garments are made in Japan with master craftsmanship and superior quality.Products that are produced from carefully selected materials, patterns made from trial and error, and skilled sewing craftsmen guarantee reliable comfort and satisfaction.

Trophy Clothing

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