Every garment at OLD JOE BRAND is handcrafted in Japan - Our designs are recreated from the timeless heritage products, giving pieces a contemporary, modern twist. Our own dyeing techniques are developed from traditional Japanese methods, which provides each garment with depth. Our fabrics have excellent durability for lifelong use. We hope you will cherish our products and incorporate our designs into your everyday wardrobe.- OJ, Tokyo, Japan

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Ryo Kashiwazaki was born in Tokyo in 1985. While in college 2005, he started shoe making as a part-time job. Later in 2008 he began repairing shoes. He then launched Hender Scheme in 2010 at the historical neighborhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, a place known for centuries of leather tanning and boot making traditions. Now, his brand Hender Scheme exhibits two seasons per year, Winter Spring season and Summer Fall season. In addition to creating unisex footwear, Ryo Kashiwazaki experiments designing all sorts of accessories, clothing and homeware objects as well as taking vintage shirts, vintage furniture or new Vitsœ furniture and embellishing them. Ryo Kashiwazaki is extremely grateful to have established a very strong relationship its artisans, and to have received worldwide support for his creations. - Hender Scheme, Tokyo, Japan

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The design of two pockets brought a significant change to the denim jacket visually which was a great success. Because the combination of the left and right pockets and the fold design and both sides brings a tougher overall feeling to the jacket, Gold Digger adopts a different pocket design from the western Cowboy. The pockets are unique through the adjustment of the details between the straight line and the scheduling. Double helix uses the Tack Button with Double Helix Logo. Not only to improve the design of denim jackets, Double Helix has successfully developed a multi-layered color change effect by washing the tea core into white core to let the indigo horsehide age like denim. In the beginning of the 2008, DH launched the denim type leather jacket made of indigo horsehide for the first time. - Double Helix Works, Tokyo, Japan


1970’s , the time of rapid economic growth in Japan, wave of economy made a value of “mass production” “mass consumption” permeated to all the country. This is the biggest impact for “Jeans industry” which replace new denim fabrics made by new loom as “mass production” instead of selvedge denim made by old loom, Because of lack of productivity. STUDIOD’ARTISAN & SA established in 1979 by a designer who learned it in France.It was very successful to reproduce and to take over the history of “real Jeans” made by old loom found in Okayama which fabric has especially tight, slubby, fading, those disappeared with value of “mass production”.- Studio D'Artisan, Osana, Japan


A tompkin fleece hooded sweatshirt made using the phantom old-fashioned knitting machine "Tompkin" that hardly exists in Japan. The tompkin machine is a vintage circular knitting machine with low production efficiency that was first developed around 1846, and there are only one to several machines in operation in Japan, which is much smaller than the "hanging knitting machine". It is a rare knitting machine. Unlike a circular knitting machine that normally knits from top to bottom at high speed, the fabric knitted by a unique knitting method that slowly knits from bottom to top has a thick and soft fabric structure that contains plenty of air. Furthermore, the loop part of the lining is finished with a special sheep brushed process to increase the thickness and heat retention, creating a plump texture with a vintage feel. The design is based on the 50s hooded sweatshirt. Reconstructing time-consuming vintage details such as a hood opening wrapped in a separate binder, a trapezoidal kangaroo pocket, and two-needle sewing. The silhouette has a classical hoodie as a motif, but by adjusting the pattern of details in a well-balanced manner, it is tailored to a modern regular fit, and even when layered with outerwear such as jackets and coats, ribs are used. It is a pull hoodie with an atmosphere where the hood is the point. We hope that you will enjoy the texture of the extremely rare fabrics that cannot be mass-produced, and the time-consuming ingenuity of the details. - LOOP & WEFT, Yamanashi, Japan


Released in the first of June, 2020, as an ongoing collaboration brand between GLOBE SPECS and OLD JOE. A collection of the whole body that Mr. Okada, the representative of Globe Specs who knows all about eyewear, and Takagi, the designer of "Old Joe", are particular about the details. Inspired by the beautiful and attractive details of various ages, each of the five attractive models has been updated to the present day.Each design has been carefully shaped so that you can feel the story.The brand name is also a fictitious company name that would have handled such vintage eyewear. - OJ Globe Specs, Tokyo, Japan


After Hood Sweat Shirt Mother Cotton '2 Tone' from the new seasonal items collection. A hood is attached later around the neck of the crew neck sweatshirt. King of vintage sweatshirts called "retrofit hoodies". Among them, two tones, which are especially rare, both V of Dorapoke (the pocket is separated from the hem rib). The popular color scheme Heather Gray x Eggplant Navy Blue and the other is Ink Black x Olive. The material is the same as the standard material, which is knitted with a hanging machine using yarn dyed with Zimbabwe cotton raw cotton. - Full Count & Co., Osaka, Japan

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Brown's Beach Jacket was founded in Worcester, MA in 1901 focusing in a one of a kind wool-cotton textile 'beach cloth fabric' perfect for colder months in the North East. Since then, the brand has been revived by Full Count, high-end denim brand based in Osaka and founded in 1993, part of the Osaka 5 denim brands. Brown's Beach Jacket is now is now made in Japan by master craftsmen. - Full Count, Osaka, Japan


Founded by Masayoshi Kobayashi-san in Nagano, Japan 1996. Born from the founder's curiosity and insatiable inquisitiveness, the Flat Head brand incorporates a strong admiration for mid-century America. The brand represents free and cool American culture of that era, while integrating with Japanese mastermade manufacturing. The Flat Head is about the wearer's story of creating a unique product after the garment is broken in and worn. "We are particular about our clothes".



Conners Sewing Factory was established in Yokaichi, Shiga Prefecture in 2013, providing the working environment that made our brand a reality. Tucked away in a small-town neighborhood, this unique one-of-a-kind factory is where Konaka has developed the handmade product line, The Original, where his dedication to denim shines through in every detail from sewing to finishing, all crafted by his own hand. Our goal is to one day put our town on the map as the epicenter of vintage sewing. At the heart of this is Conners Sewing Factory, providing the creative vitality and genuine spirit for crafting vintage jeans.

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