Available Exclusively at Tempo in the USA, Three Kingdoms Overalls from Nagoya


Based in Nagoya, Japan, Three Kingdoms Overalls focuses on the best quality small-batch premium denim. Using old machines and techniques, along with hand selected high-end cotton and natural indigo.
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Now Available in the USA, Tokyo's Trophy Clothing, Superior Worksmanship from Japan


Founded by Masaki Egawa in 2005, Trophy Clothing re-interprets vintage Americana and motorcycle wear. All garments are made in Japan with master craftsmanship and superior quality. Trophy Clothing: The condition is not complete at the time of purchase, but the texture improves as you wear it, and it becomes familiar with the figure. Products that are produced from carefully selected materials, patterns made from accumulated experience, and skilled sewing craftsmen guarantee reliable comfort and satisfaction.
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Now Available in the USA, Ironari from Gohongi, Tokyo, Only at Tempo


Focusing on Japanese customs, each season Ironari creates garments that enhance the character of the person wearing it. Ironari creates elegant collections of gender neutral garments with inspiration from vintage military and workwear compositions.
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New Exclusive Collaborations, ONI x LIN Only Available at Tempo in the USA


Collaboration between Japanese Denim brand Oni Denim Co. and LIN. A joint effort between old and new comes together in this one of a kind denim offering. ONI Denim Co. has a grandieuse history in Japanese Denim manufacturing, along with the accumulated experience of the craftsmen, inspired LIN to create his own brand and concept to continue the same beliefs and traditions.
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Available for the First Time in the USA via Tempo, Pherrow's Japanese High Quality Garments


Making the highest quality re-interpretations of vintage military garments, historical denim clothing and loopwheel sportswear, Pherrow's began its first ametora and amekaji collection in the early 90's in Tokyo. They are very well known for their L-2A flying jacket along with, N-1 and A-2 jackets done in great detail with masterful technique and best quality.
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Tanuki is Now Available in California, Exclusively at Tempo

Established in Japan, Tanuki focuses on highly-limited traditional selvedge denim using the best cotton available, antique shuttle looms and vintage sewing machines. Tanuki designs modern silhouettes with minimal details and innovative denim fabrics with emphasis on slub and nepp. Tanuki is all about the fabrics and the people that make them have been around since the beginning of the denim age in Japan. “Tanuki,” is a very traditional Yokai that brings good luck and prosperity and is a symbol of transformation. This is what they wished for their industry: transformation that would bring prosperity to the traditions they wanted to preserve. So from that point on, they had a running inside joke, and every time they would innovate in the creation of a new fabric or thinking of a new design for the brands they already worked with, they would say “Tanuki!”.
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FINAL SALE - Viberg Special Design Collaboration with Tempo


VIBERG: Founded in 1931 by Ed Viberg, the Canadian company is now in its 3rd generation and is still entirely family owned and operated. Today Ed's son Glen Viberg is still on the factory floor, personally working on every single pair of boots that leaves our doors. Our business began with the goal of crafting the best boot possible and we are proud to have maintained this uncompromising level of quality. We use traditional manufacturing methods and only the best materials sourced from around the world: brass tacks from England, heavyweight insoles from Spain, Vibram outsoles, Swiss hobnails and the finest upper leathers from renowned tanneries in the USA and Italy. There are over 200 steps that go into producing a pair of Viberg boots and all of them are performed in our own facility by skilled craftspeople.
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Now Available in California, Pallet Life Story from Okayama


Pallet Life Story crafts garments with deep rooted Japanese high quality garment manufacturing tradition. Directed by Yoshinori Hasuoka and designed by Takeshi Inoue. Together they are committed to weave a new concept of colors they pursue into their products. Pallet Life Story operates a shop and factories in Kojima, a mecca of denim garments production, Okayama Japan. They create products through sheer persistence in fabric weaving and dyeing, sewing and finishing at our factories.
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