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Studio D'Artisan Tsuri-Ami Loopwheel Knitwear at Wakayama, Japan

T-shirts and sweatshirts from the 60's and earlier that are now called "vintage".They were all produced by a machine called a "loop knitting machine". Wakayama Prefecture is the only one in the world that still has a loop knitting machine in operation. Studio D'Artisan will pass on techniques that have been buried in the times to the next generation.

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Mature Ha._MIL - Autumn Winter 2020 Selection

“mature ha.” is meant to enjoy wearing hats, and to take hats into peoples' everyday life. We are proposing new hat which put more focus on materials and comfortness, that will provide a little richness to your life. Our hats change its shape freely at your own will and this is the great characteristic of the hat as well as its simple design.

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TROPHY CLOTHING - 1805 Standard Selvedge Brownie Duck

An original duck made by carefully weaving warp yarn No. 10 and weft yarn No. 7 on an old-style power loom.The long-awaited re-lineup of reaction dyed selvedge brownie duck. It is a new standard that combines a detail with a strong work color that is different from the standard denim pants.Goat skin patch of ranchrogo, triple stitch sewing, work pants silhouette with moderate space.

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