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TROPHY CLOTHING - 1805 Standard Selvedge Brownie Duck


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- Wide Tapered Silhouette

Model: 1805

Color: Brown

- Light-weight Selvedge Duck Fabric

- Red Selvedge ID

- Trophy Custom Copper UFO Rivets

- Herringbone twill cotton pocket bags

- Gripper Zipper, herringbone twill zipper tape

An original duck made by carefully weaving warp yarn No. 10 and weft yarn No. 7 on an old-style power loom.

The long-awaited re-lineup of reaction dyed selvedge brownie duck. 

It is a new standard that combines a detail with a strong work color that is different from the standard denim pants.

Goat skin patch of ranchrogo, triple stitch sewing, work pants silhouette with moderate space.

Cotton 100%
One wash press finish

Made in Japan