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loop & weft

From Yamanashi, Japan, founded in 2011 by Ryota Seguchi. These goods utilize organic cotton and / or recycled cotton during manufacturing. We do our best to maintain the original quality of the raw materials without over – processing. We hope you enjoy the particular characteristics of our products, especially the soft rich texture that embodies the “broken–in” feeling of your favorite cotton T. The non – uniform texture of our unique fabric is derived from the combination of natural and recycled fibers. In our efforts towards eco–conscious production, we use natural dyes with low environmental impact, resulting in coveted, one–of–a–kind pieces with our trademark organic unevenness in color. Over time, with regular wash and wear, the garments will gradually fade and develop a beautiful patina. Follow the handling and care instructions, and your Loop & Weft garments will endure for years to come. - Loop & Weft