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Since its foundation in 1911, the family-owned company Fredericia has built a strong tradition of craftsmanship and design, developed in close collaboration with a circle of internationally recognised designers. They all play a part in the design and craftsmanship brand Fredericia is today. Forming a creative culture characterised by integrity, artistic expression, material expertise and knowledge.


H E M P   W O R K   J A C K E T S   B Y   L I C H E N   G O O D S   F O R   T E M P O

Galician brand LICHEN GOODS has made a new small-batch collaboration work jacket Tempo. Hand-dyed with Cutch “Catechu” or real organic indigo, or undyed showcasing the pure natural hemp. The fabric is 100% natural hemp at 11oz. These jackets also feature natural mussell shell buttons, and two large hip pockets and one slatned left breast pocket with pen-compartment. These products are biodegradable and truly sustainable. Handmade by Charlotte & Pepe in Spain. Only available at Tempo Design Store.

C U T C H   N A T U R A L   P I G M E N T   B Y   L I C H E N   G O O D S   F O R   T E M P O

Galician brand LICHEN GOODS has made a new small-batch collaboration of garments for Tempo. Hand-dyed with Cutch “Catechu” for a beautiful caramel color that patinas and darkens over time while the pigment oxidises. Cutch or Catechu is an extract from the wood of the acacia tree. Also called Japan Earth, it is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial like real indigo dye. The garments are dyed on a slubby 11oz. 100% hemp fabric. Completely natural / biodegradable, truly sustainable. Handmade by Charlotte & Pepe in Spain. Only available at Tempo Design Store.

P H A N T O M   H A N D S

'Phantom Hands' is a metaphor for generations of artisans whose contributions manifest in each piece of furniture we make. Phantom Hands makes handcrafted, design-driven contemporary furniture. Our workshop in Bangalore, India is an ecosystem of skilled carpenters, wood polishers, cane weavers, upholsterers, and tailors from craft communities across the country. We work with wood, fabrics, cane, metal, etc., and collaborate with furniture and textile designers to create collections that build on the heritage of Indian craftsmanship and design. Our furniture is a culmination of centuries of craft knowledge and skills, passed on from generation to generation. The name 'Phantom Hands' is an homage to the legacy of these past artisans whose contributions manifest in each piece we make. - Phantom Hands

S A N T A   &   C O L E

Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain). We have been editing since 1985, when the company was first founded. By editing we mean preparing a work for the public domain, we mean adapting an item for every one's use. More than eighty creators have contributed to a rich catalogue of furniture and lighting products originating in very different contexts, by renowned designers such as Antoni Arola, Miguel Milá, André Ricard and llmari Tapiovaara. What a book editor does with stories, we do with objects. Acute and attentive to quality and detail, Santa & Cole outsources all of its industrial production to an extensive network of suppliers, mainly in Spain, but also in other countries such as Japan. Our mission is to build, safeguard and disseminate knowledge through design objects. Objects whose quality is recognisable at the touch of a hand, and that enrich people’s lives, whether at home or in shared environments. Our philosophy is more modern than futurist and we are more intrigued by silence than by stridency. Our focus is not the present market, but the future one; not Barcelona, but the world; not fashion, but history.

H E N D E R   S C H E M E

Ryo Kashiwazaki was born in Tokyo in 1985. While in college 2005, he started shoe making as a part-time job. Later in 2008 he began repairing shoes. He then launched Hender Scheme in 2010 at the historical neighborhood of Asakusa in Tokyo, a place known for centuries of leather tanning and boot making traditions. Now, his brand Hender Scheme exhibits two seasons per year, Winter Spring season and Summer Fall season. In addition to creating unisex footwear, Ryo Kashiwazaki experiments designing all sorts of accessories, clothing and homeware objects as well as taking vintage shirts, vintage furniture or new Vitsœ furniture and embellishing them. Ryo Kashiwazaki is extremely grateful to have established a very strong relationship its artisans, and to have received worldwide support for his creations. - Hender Scheme, Tokyo, Japan

S T U D I O   D ' A R T I S A N

1970’s , the time of rapid economic growth in Japan, wave of economy made a value of “mass production” “mass consumption” permeated to all the country. This is the biggest impact for “Jeans industry” which replace new denim fabrics made by new loom as “mass production” instead of selvedge denim made by old loom, Because of lack of productivity. STUDIOD’ARTISAN & SA established in 1979 by a designer who learned it in France.It was very successful to reproduce and to take over the history of “real Jeans” made by old loom found in Okayama which fabric has especially tight, slubby, fading, those disappeared with value of “mass production”.- Studio D'Artisan, Osana, Japan

O L D   J O E   B R A N D

Every garment at OLD JOE BRAND is handcrafted in Japan - Our designs are recreated from the timeless heritage products, giving pieces a contemporary, modern twist. Our own dyeing techniques are developed from traditional Japanese methods, which provides each garment with depth. Our fabrics have excellent durability for lifelong use. We hope you will cherish our products and incorporate our designs into your everyday wardrobe.

O  J   G L O B E   S P E C S   O P T I C A L   C O .

Released in the first of June, 2020, as an ongoing collaboration brand between GLOBE SPECS and OLD JOE. A collection of the whole body that Mr. Okada, the representative of Globe Specs who knows all about eyewear, and Takagi, the designer of "Old Joe", are particular about the details. Inspired by the beautiful and attractive details of various ages, each of the five attractive models has been updated to the present day.Each design has been carefully shaped so that you can feel the story.The brand name is also a fictitious company name that would have handled such vintage eyewear. - OJ Globe Specs, Tokyo, Japan

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