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Tempo Design Store - Mastermade Goods - Switzerland

One to three hours away from Paris lies the new 'Natural Lifestyle Store' and 'High End Craft Furniture Showroom' Tempo Design Store - Mastermade Goods - Women, Men, Home. The store has just opened in Switzerland's Lake Geneva in the city of Lausanne, which benefits from close proximity to Paris by high-speed train and accessibility to Geneva, Zürich & Milan. - TempoDesignStore.com

Tempo's uniqueness of interior design and curation bring fourth a new-wave of retail combining natural high-end hand-made garments together with the best handmade Scandinavian lighting & furniture and Swiss furniture design. The store is essentially two concepts in one.

Tempo Design Store is now the furniture showroom division, selling Pierre Jeanneret chairs and sofas by Phantom Hands made in India, Poul Henningsen lamps by Louis Poulsen made in Denmark, Børge Mogensen Chairs by Fredericia made in Denmark, and many other designers from 1940's  and 1960's all the way up to present day architects.

Tempo Mastermade Goods Division focuses on mastermade clothing which is mostly from Japan as well as select European Brands working with raw fibres and botanical hand-dyed processes like Lichen Goods, made in Spain. Along with this, Buaisou cultivate its own indigo plants and produces its own indigo fermented dyes in Toskushima. Osaka brand Samurai Cotton Project grows its own organic cotton and then dyes loopwheel garments made from homegrown cotton with natural pigments like black bean and chestnut. 

New-wave retail means completely curating every single aspect of the store from interior design, to lighting fixtures, norens, carpets, mirrors, furniture, shelving and all of its clothing and accessories. New-wave means embracing brands that are already bridging the gap like Hender Scheme's collaborations with danish furniture brand FRAMA and Vitsoe. Buaisou indigo brand hand-dyeing Alvar Aalto designed Artek Furniture. Phantom Hands Brand producing lounge chairs with indigo patch-work originally designed in the 1950's by swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret, cousin of Le Corbusier - which can be seen at Tempo Design Store. Native Taiwanese Kamaro'an leather goods brand producing leather accessories along with a home-line of lighting pendants and mirrors. Much can be discovered in Tempo's own unique new lifestyle store dedicated to natural materials, natural lifestyle and slow-living. 



Double Helix Works

Ecole de Pensee

The Flat Head

Full Count & Co.

Hender Scheme

H W Dog & Co.

Issey Miyake Eyes

Kamaro'an Studio

Kaneko Optical Co.

Lichen Goods


Mature Ha.

Nishiguchi Kutsushita

Old Joe Brand

O J Globe Specs Optical Co.

Samurai Cotton Project


Studio D'Artisan

Tanuki Inc.



Frama Copenhagen


Hasami Porcelain

Hender Scheme


Louis Poulsen

Made by Hand

Massimo Copenhagen

OVO Things

Phantom Hands

Santa & Cole

Toyo Sasaki



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