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À N G E L   J O V É

 Àngel Jové was born in 1940 in Lleida, where he went on to study architecture, graduating in 1964. That same year he founded the Cogul group, a group that advocated informalism and, soon after, pop art. As a result of discussions and events at the group, Àngel Jové began to understand the breadth offered by art and, with a background in architecture, he began to experiment with the two disciplines.

His first artistic works focused on the use of everyday materials and reflected on how they generated shapes and spaces. His work became a cornerstone of the Catalan conceptual art movement, arguing that the concept of a work is its essence. Àngel Jové also produced pictorial work and has held numerous exhibitions since 1961 in Lleida and Barcelona, but also in Ottawa, Johannesburg and Berlin. His work always had an air of mystery and nostalgia, and he soon ventured into rebellious art, Arte Povera. The latter emerged as a reaction to the growing commercialisation of art and used photographic printing on canvas, photomontage and environments.

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