HV Horse Single Riders in Cherry (HVR-42)
HV Horse Single Riders in Cherry (HVR-42)
HV Horse Single Riders in Cherry (HVR-42)

HV Horse Single Riders in Cherry (HVR-42)

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The most popular "42 series" among single riders. It is sold in various leather materials such as steer oil and horsehide, but the "type (design)" is the same.

Among them, this HV hose is the most popular. The silhouette is a little tight, but the action pleats on the back make it easy to move. It is a model that you should actually wear and check with other materials.

Model: HVR-42

Style: Single Rider with Collar

Leather HV Horse

Body Lining: Wool Tartan Check

Sleeve Lining: Nylon

Zipper: Dead-Stock American - Universal

Mastermade in Japan


HV Horse - After tying with chrome, dye the base once, then apply paraffin (region) chemical, and finish it a few days later.  At the time of finishing, an iron is applied, but due to the heat, the rose fins raise the color of the base, causing the leather to appear uneven.  It is a combination of tannins, so the leather is bulging and thick.  The material that you can wear again and enjoy the aging.  After a thickness of 1,4 mm.  

Y'2 Leather: Established in Osaka, 1998, Y'2 Leather specializes in raw leather products. The brand carefully puts high attention in every single field of selection, including material, cutting, sewing, and finishing. About 40 years involved in leather industry, Y'2 Leather takes a lot of commitment and dedication to source from and to work one-on-one in cooperation with the best tanneries for superior quality and results.Y'2 Leather's greatest strengths are their creativity for high-end design and most importantly their skilled master craftsmen.

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