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Austin Eddy


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68 pages, 64 color illustrations
8 x 6 in.
Perfect bound foil stamped paperback
Published by Ampersand Editions, 2018
First Edition of 222

Printed in the USA

Ampersand Books - PATTERN NO. 4 is part of an ongoing series of books for which artists and thinkers are invited to create, collect or converse about pattern making. Austin Eddy lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Pattern, he says, presents a set of rules to be rearranged, played with and broken, a formal structure loosely employed to blur the lines of representation and abstraction. The framework of pattern, he adds, can also be applied to narrative; repeated imagery implies one thing, a repeated motif another. Made in a state of free association, the drawings here recall bits of conversation overheard, places he’s been, stories he’s read, objects seen or imagined. Reconfigured in groupings of shape and color (and further mirrored by the bleed of his marker), these fragments of personal imagination and moments remembered are transported to a new place of universality.