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tokyo sandals

Tokyo Sandals: A "MADE IN TOKYO" sandal that matches the Japanese climate manufactured by "THE BOOTS FACTORY", making full use of shoes making and boot making technology. The most distinctive feature of TOKYO SANDALS is the shape of the top board, which was pursued from the viewpoint of ergonomics and foot disease medical treatment. This three-dimensionally shaped shape stabilizes the foot skeleton, supports comfortable walking, and reduces various foot pains. This complex shape is shaped with only two benz (hard cowhide). This is a manufacturing method of molded plywood called woodworking and respects how to make skateboards. (In Japan, Tendogi & Co. is famous for producing and selling "butterfly stool" designed by Mune Yanagi using this method.) TOKYO SANDALS made this manufacturing method a leather The best performance as an appropriate bending and walking tool is applied to. Furthermore, the sandals stitched down to the boots maid are tough and all-soles are easy. In addition, leather that is familiar to the feet and enjoys aging gives the best comfort. We offer sandals that can be worn for very a long time.


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