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Cutch Hand-Dyed Hemp Long-Sleeve Shirt
Cutch Hand-Dyed Hemp Long-Sleeve Shirt - Tempo
Cutch Hand-Dyed Hemp Long-Sleeve Shirt - Tempo
Cutch Hand-Dyed Hemp Long-Sleeve Shirt - Tempo


Cutch Hand-Dyed Hemp Long-Sleeve Shirt

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Limited Edition Collaboration

· 100% European hemp

· Unbleached & un-dyed plain weave

· Hand-stitched details

· Vintage mussel shell buttons

· Compostable & plastic free

· Mastermade at the Lichen Goods Studio in Spain

• Handmade small-batch collaboration item.

• Hand-dyed with Cutch “Catechu” for a beautiful caramel color that patinas and darkens over time while the pigment oxidises.

• Cutch or Catechu is an extract from the wood of the acacia tree. Also called Japan Earth, it is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial like real indigo dye.

• Completely natural / biodegradable, truly sustainable.

• Handmade by Charlotte & Pepe in Spain

Only available at TempoDesignStore.com
Rue du Midi 11, Lausanne, Switzerland


Small: 48 shoulders, 56 chest, 66 length, 52 sleeve (cm)

Medium: 52 shoulders, 60 chest, 70 length, 56 sleeve (cm)

Large: 56 shoulders, 64 chest, 72 length, 58 sleeve (cm)

About the fabric

• Lichen Goods makes this long sleeve shirt in their studio using a plain weave hemp fabric (220g/m2 - 6.7oz/yd2) that was grown, spun and woven in eastern Europe.

• Hemp doesn't need chemicals or pesticides to grow, uses less water than other fibres and cleans the soil. This unbleached and undyed raw fabric is woven on old machines, which gives it a rustic texture.

• Sewn on a vintage machine with unbleached cotton thread, this garment is fully compostable, the buttons are made of mussel shell and you can find hand stitched details on the chest pocket and the label.

More information about the garment

• As the hemp fabric Lichen Goods uses is raw and rustic, it can feel a little stiff at first, but it softens significantly as soon as you start wearing it.

• Also the hemp pieces can stretch a little bit (max. 5%, depending on the use), and they will recover the original measurements after washing.

• There can also be some small imperfections in the weave of the hemp fabric, but this doesn’t effect it's performance and adds to it’s character.

• With the natural dyes there can be small differences between colours and some unevenness in places as it is a hand-dyed process.

• It is recommend to keep the naturally dyed garments out of direct sunlight as they can be sensitive to the light (some more than others for example the cutch & madder or Indigo).

• Natural dye colours will evolve and change with time and use.

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