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Pig Jet Cap in Sand Beige
Pig Jet Cap in Sand Beige
Pig Jet Cap in Sand Beige
Pig Jet Cap in Sand Beige

Hender Scheme

Pig Jet Cap in Sand Beige

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material 1: pig leather

material 2: cow leather

material 3: cotton

color: sand beige

handmade in japan

Note: The colors shown are in the order of photos taken at the same angle.
The size shown is for reference only. The size of the shoes may differ slightly. Please understand in advance.

Since this product makes use of the original texture of leather, the color and texture differ from point to point. Also, since the unique texture of leather is utilized, some color irregularities, stains, and scratches may be seen.

Contact Hender Scheme for any repairs or re-soles after the item is used. 

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