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K E I J I   A S H I Z A W A

Born in 1973, Keiji Ashizawa graduated from the Yokohama National University Department of Architecture and began his professional career in 1996, working in an architecture firm. In 2002, he officially joined the bespoke steel furniture workshop ‘super robot’, with whom he had been working in parallel to his architectural practice, striving to produce original furniture and lighting fixtures. On the manufacturing floor, whilst working with his hands and learning through the process of trial and error, he expanded the possibilities of materials, establishing the basis for mottos and approaches that are still relevant to his practice today. In 2005, he became independent and founded Keiji Ashizawa Design, whose motto is ‘Honest Design’. With an approach that emphasises ‘craft’ rooted in materials and on-site, the company’s projects mainly involve the meticulous layering of details of different scales, from architecture to interior design and furniture design, and are widely developed, including overseas.

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