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Tall Bowl in Matte Black ø185 x 72mm HPB015 - Tempo
Tall Bowl in Matte Black ø185 x 72mm HPB015 - Tempo
Tall Bowl in Matte Black ø185 x 72mm HPB015 - Tempo
Tall Bowl in Matte Black ø185 x 72mm HPB015 - Tempo
Tall Bowl in Matte Black ø185 x 72mm HPB015 - Tempo


Tall Bowl in Matte Black ø185 x 72mm HPB015

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• Size - ø185 x 72mm (ø7.3/8" x 2.7/8")

• Color - Matte Black

• Porcelain - The main traditional craft of Hasami Village

• Porcelain has a raw, slightly course feel 

• Minimal, stackable and modular design

• Hand-stamped logo at the base

• Mastermade in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan


Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, one of Japan's leading ceramics thriving areas. Porcelain, which began to be made in this area about 400 years ago during the Edo period, was shipped not only to all parts of Japan, but also to Europe via the port of Nagasaki. It is known that the mass production system was put in place early on, and the reliable quality and price of tableware for daily use was achieved. The rich tradition has been handed down from generation to generation.

Under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto (tortoise), HASAMI PORCELAIN was born as tableware that innovates such heritage with a modern concept.

TACTILITY - Comfort when touched

The charm of HASAMI PORCELAIN lies in the feeling when the vessel touches your hand or mouth. Compared to porcelain, it has a tighter, sharper feel, and a softer, more organic feel than regular porcelain. The matte texture and color brought about by the unique texture of the material will not feel out of place when paired with any kind of food, and will complement your food and drink.

SIMPLICITY - Inevitable form

There is no decoration in this form. Clean, straight lines are the root of traditional Japanese forms. A meaningful curve derived from the inevitability of function and manufacturing process. HASAMI PORCELAIN's design, which is composed only of simple lines, creates an even more beautiful harmony by overlapping multiple vessels and repeating the form.

Consider using - USABILITY

The size of the HASAMI PORCELAIN vessel follows a certain module. Individual items such as mugs, bowls, and trays are designed with a common diameter, allowing for free stacking and no waste during storage and transportation. In addition, the tray can be used as a lid for the bowl, and it is also multifunctional so that it can be used as a large plate by itself.

INDIVIDUALITY - Individuality unique to the vessel

Unlike tableware that is mass-produced in a single factory, HASAMI PORCELAIN tableware requires manual work in many processes, including glazing. The division of labor has been passed down in the Hasami region's pottery industry since ancient times, and multiple kilns are involved in the production, and the environment inside the kilns changes depending on the season and temperature. For this reason, each piece of HASAMI PORCELAIN has its own individuality, such as the base material being reddish and the texture of the glaze changing. Slight individual differences may also occur in form and size. Such individuality is the unique taste of ceramics and creates a unique landscape. Therein lies the inherent charm of ceramics, which is not found in uniform industrial products.

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