Open Collar Ranch Jacket in Indigo
Open Collar Ranch Jacket in Indigo
Open Collar Ranch Jacket in Indigo
Open Collar Ranch Jacket in Indigo
Open Collar Ranch Jacket in Indigo


Open Collar Ranch Jacket in Indigo

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OLD JOE STANDARD DENIM ..... This is the original recipe of Old Joe. It is made from yarn, and in Ibara, the production center of denim, the warp yarns are uneven and the ones with strong nep shape are dyed with indigo dye with strong blackness. The weft is combined with a thread called brown cotton, which has a color as if it were oxidized. The fabric is woven from the so-called Kibata, and only sanforized (shrink-proof) is applied by a special method. Since it is different from the usual shrink-proof method, the so-called rigid denim has a soft surface instead of a hard surface. An elegant denim fabric has been completed without compromising the softness of Kibata denim. The ounce of dough will be 10.5 ounces. This season, this Kibata denim is finished with one wash at the stage of the original fabric.

A two-pocket gene jacket inspired by the design of a manufacturer that is said to be a store in the mid-century period. Wide lapel, upper collar, and cuffless cuff design like coveralls. It is packed with unique archive designs such as curved yoke like Western York.             
A classic denim jacket.                           There are no changes to the specifications or size.

36 (S) Shoulder width 48cm Width 54.5cm Sleeve length 57cm Length 58cm
38 (M) Shoulder width 49.5cm Width 57cm Sleeve length 58cm Length 59cm
40 (L) Shoulder width 51cm Width 60cm Sleeve length 59cm Length 60cm
42 (XL) Shoulder width 52.5cm Length 62cm

(Shell / outer material) COTTON100%
Mastermade in Japan

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