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Coming Soon: Peaked Cap in Window Pane


Coming Soon: Peaked Cap in Window Pane

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A collection piece that represents us. A peaked casquette with a contemporary fit while having classic details as a base. Produced from the image source of the 1910s and 1930s, this piece is an original fit that has been completed by repeatedly modifying the silhouette construction. It is designed to look beautiful without being untidy, such as the forward tilt angle when worn, the size of the brim, the amount of cloth accumulated when flushed to the front, and the bulge on the side. This fabric will be a cashmere-blended old joe original tweed produced with an original design. The textile is inspired by a window pen made of twisted yarn, a herringbone with a zigzag pattern border, and a fabric swatch excavated from a very old tailor. Woven with a mixture of worsted and cashmere, the tweed has an elegant feel and a high-quality surface that can be seen from a distance.




Mastermade in Japan