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HV Horsehide Car Coat in Black (HC-82)
HV Horsehide Car Coat in Black (HC-82)
HV Horsehide Car Coat in Black (HC-82)

Y'2 Leather

HV Horsehide Car Coat in Black (HC-82)

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Car coat using HV HORSE. The western yoke switch and the large flap pocket are beautiful. The glossy paraffin (wax) that is characteristic of HV.HORSE and the design match very well.

Model: HC-82

Style: Car Coat

Material: HV Horsehide

Color: Black

Body Lining: Cotton

Sleeve Lining: Nylon

Mastermade in Japan

Y'2 Leather: Established in Osaka, 1998, Y'2 Leather specializes in raw leather products. The brand carefully puts high attention in every single field of selection, including material, cutting, sewing, and finishing. About 40 years involved in leather industry, Y'2 Leather takes a lot of commitment and dedication to source from and to work one-on-one in cooperation with the best tanneries for superior quality and results.Y'2 Leather's greatest strengths are their creativity for high-end design and most importantly their skilled master craftsmen.